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Roquefort is really a sheep milk blue cheese in the south of France, and along with Bleu d'Auvergne, Stilton and Gorgonzola has become the entire world's greatest identified blue-cheeses. Although identical cheeses are created in other places, European legislation dictates that only People cheeses aged from the organic Combalou caves of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon may well bear the identify Roquefort, as This is a recognised geographical indicator, or provides a guarded designation of origin. The cheese is white, tangy, crumbly and a little bit moist, with distinct veins of environmentally friendly mould.

The mildew which gives Roquefort its exclusive character (Penicillium roqueforti) is located in the soil of the area caves. Historically the cheesemakers extracted it by leaving bread during the caves for six to eight weeks right until it had been eaten with the mold.

Société® Roquefort has an ivory-colored paste with emerald-green veining in addition to a creamy, moist texture. Its abundant, extreme sheep milk taste balances the blue mildew aroma making the magic flavor which has built Roquefort popular worldwide and distinguished it by numerous as being the King of Cheeses.

The curd is then poured to the moulds, which enable it to be doable to provide them with a spherical kind referred to as bread. The Penicillium Roqueforti de Papillon, extract of rye bread baked in its oven, is then powdered over the mould.

RESPECT THE PLACE Do not action back from your marked monitor once you cross personal Houses. Do not build fire, don't throw squander and don't camp out. Make sure you regard wildlife, animals and cultures. Thank you… and have a great stroll!  

The cheese is claimed up to now back to some time of historical Rome and was the first cheese to become supplied name-safeguarded position by The federal government of France. You'll find currently only 7 Formal producers of Roquefort.

Blue website cheese can be a general classification of cheeses which have had cultures on the mould Penicillium additional to ensure that the final products is spotted or veined all over with blue, or blue-grey mould and carries a definite odor, both from that or various specifically cultivated microorganisms.

Roquefort is a very trustworthy addition to and will add a pop of taste to any salad or proudly served to be a dessert cheese. To really get the full flavor of this tasty cheese - crumble on a clean just off the grill steak or atop a crusty bread with your preferred consume.

Legend has it that the cheese was identified each time a youth, taking in his lunch of bread and ewes' milk cheese, noticed a gorgeous Woman in the distance.

Roquefort is well acknowledged by its white paste, greatly marbled with pockets of blue-eco-friendly mould. It has a pungent and distinct odour that may be also existing while in the moist, strong flavour. The flavour presents various distinctive properties, for instance delicate, sweet, and tangy At the beginning to potent and salty at the complete.

The true secret is to look for the distinctive purple and yellow PDO mark - Guarded Designation of Origin. It’s your guarantee of reliable regional flavour, perfected about hundreds of years and made to exacting classic standards.

Roquefort is regarded as the "King of cheeses". It has a tingly pungent style and ranks between blue cheeses. Only the milk of specifically bred sheep is used which is ripened in limestone caverns.

When he took his lunch out of the caves, he observed which the bread and milk curds ended up moldy. His hesitation was quick as a result of his mounting starvation.

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